Meet Dr. Chaudhary

Meet Dr. Chaudhary

Dr. Chaudhary has a Doctorate in Nutrition. She is also a cognitive behavior therapist and a mindset coach. And she has been where you are.

During her college days Dr. Chaudhary fell into a cycle of disordered eating, and struggled with emotional and binge eating. Since she was studying nutrition, she knew what to do but could not get herself to do it.   She finally understood its not enough to know what to do.You also need the right mental makeup to do it.

Dr. Chaudhary knows the true power of real food and also how self-sabotaging behavior works. With her history and experience, Dr. Chaudhary has the empathy and know-how to tweak the real food approach for anyone’s life.

Recognizing that food impacts how you feel, was empowering and liberating. It is also something that Dr. Chaudhary helps every client discover for themselves. She says, “I love helping my clients feel empowered to make better decisions and to feel positive about the food choices they make every day. Every client has a story which I love to fully listen and absorb, so that I can provide them with the best nutrition therapy care and support in their health journey.”

“It gives me so much joy to help people make meaningful changes and witness the powerful transformations that follow. I remember how empowering it felt to take control of my own health, and I want to help my clients do the same.I aim to learn what motivates people and help them reach their goals with strategies which utilize their strengths and which are realistic for their lifestyle.”

When not counseling clients, you will find Dr. Chaudhary experimenting with food combinations, enjoying life with her 10-year-old daughter and loving husband.