Success Stories

“Many thanks to Dr Udita Apte for guiding and Dr Chaudhary for helping through this entire journey.” – Shekhar C.

When I had my annual checkup after a gap of 3 years, there were few things I noticed.

My weight was 250 lbs. Though for last 3-4 years it was around 245-247 lbs, the number 250 looked scary. Probably it was just my mindset.

On the same day I came to know that my blood pressure had shot up to 148 – 113! Dr. Udita Apte advised me to reduce weight and helped me understand how it benefits to avoid medication. When I showed interest and inquired about a program which would help me to reduce weight, Dr Apte suggested their weight loss program and introduced me to Dr. Chaudhary.

I would like to mention that this was my first consultation with Dr Apte and I am glad that I visited her office for consultation. Sometime few things happen for the good. With the help of Dr. Chaudhary, I was able to reduce my weight by 41 Lbs without suppressing hunger.

This is the first time in my life that I started my weight loss journey seriously, and I am glad now that I started it with Dr. Chaudhary.

After having a detailed counselling session about my eating habits and daily routine, Dr. Chaudhary provided me with a personalized diet plan which suited my tastes and lifestyle. I  decided to give a try. I tried to follow the plan exactly, and was surprised to see results right after the first week. I had reduced around 6 Lbs in the first week (yes, for real.). This inspired me to continue with the program. In subsequent sessions Dr. Chaudhary explained to me the benefits of each component of the diet plan, and the nutrition required on daily basis. With this knowledge I adjusted my daily routine and food intake (timings, portion size and contents). I could enjoy the same taste of food (since I can still use all spices which I used all these years while cooking) without staying hungry and still could reduce weight. I did not need extra efforts to get adjusted to this new lifestyle. I now know what I am eating and how it will impact my health. Dr, Chaudhary’s rules such as how to say no to yourself (& others) when you do not want to eat, or the 3-bite-rule, help a lot.

This program has helped me on multiple dimensions.

1. First and more important is weight loss. The effect of it, reduced BMI! It is so great to see that your ‘category’ has changed from obese to overweight!

2. My Blood Pressure was under control within 8 weeks. Today it is consistently normal.

3. My sleep pattern has improved. I increased my sleep from 3-3.5 hrs a night to 6.5 to 7 hrs a night now.

4. I reduced a few inches around my waist and my physical appearance looks more balanced now!

I have decided to continue the program as I understand that staying fit and healthy is a continuous journey. I will for sure advise my friends, relatives and everyone to try this program. It will change your point of view on weight loss programs. It is not a diet plan to lose weight, it is a stay healthy and happy program for me. I will always be thankful to Dr. Udita Apte and Dr. Chaudhary for guiding and helping me to achieve this result in such a short timeframe.


Justin M.

You have some kind of magic.

Angela M.

You are a blessing to me Dr. Chaudhary

J Mullis

# I have done yo-yo diet all my life, you were the missing link, I knew what to do, you helped me to actually understand me, why I was not able to do it. I did it this time, without failing, I have no intention of falling back to old habits. J Mullis.

Rita M.

Dr. Chaudhary, you are beyond your ability to see things which even my counselor couldn’t see. You saw me, you heard me, you are the right person with all the right answer, any situation, any question, let it be nutrition or any other life chaos. You always give me the what I needed that most.. I am happy that I made the right decision. Rita M.


I have been to therapy most of my adult life and I found lot of value to it, but I want you to know that you are exceptionally an amazing nutritionist and therapist. I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you.

Olga S.

I wish I met you 22 yr. ago Dr. Chaudhary.  no one ever told me all that stuff which you made me aware.

Glenva L.

Absolutely Transforming!

Geloman S.

Thanking Dr. Chaudhary and her team! Best work and service! I recommend it to all for weight loss and wellness checkup.

Anas MS

# I have been seeing doctor Chaudhary for almost 4 months now. She is not just a nutritionist or a dietitian, she is a food psychologist. She tries to understand the root cause of the issue that is making you obese and then give you the solution. I have felt very motivated after I started seeing her and looking forward to continue my weight loss journey with her. I recommend Dr Chaudhary to everyone and I would like to advise everyone that take this as a journey and remember that it is not a race but a marathon we need to slowly get there and adopt it as a lifestyle. I would like to say thank you to Dr chaudhary for all her hard work and dedication.